Lightweight Luggage Bags Are A Must Have Item For Frequent Travelers

As a University recruiter, I spend most of my time traveling to different countries around the world. Once I arrive at my next destination, I leave the airport immediately and travel to a local hotel. During my stay I must attend meetings and set up presentations to entice students to attend the University I represent. During my first year as a student recruiter, I used my old suitcases when traveling for work. They were in pretty good shape and offered plenty of room for everything I needed. I ended up lugging the heavy suitcases through the airport, in and out of cabs and finally up to my hotel room. The large suitcases were so heavy to carry around that it took quite a toll on my body. My employers do not put me in top hotels, and I usually have to carry my own bags up to my room. My arms and shoulders would ache and I would end up tossing and turning throughout the night, and I began to dread my out of town work trips.

Eventually I noticed that the other University employees were carrying lightweight luggage bags. I was helping a colleague unload their bags one day and I could not believe the difference. My bags must have weighed at least 15 pounds more even though they were roughly the same size. I decided that I needed to invest in my own set of lightweight luggage bags. There are many different styles available and the color options are endless. I ended up choosing a burgundy luggage set that included a wheeled duffel with backpack straps. The lightweight bag could be pulled, carried or be used as a backpack when needed.

After using the bags for several years, they are still in great shape. The rolling duffel bag weighs a little over 8 pounds and is made with durable Denier Duraweave and Metallic Mini-Weave. The bag came with a five-year warranty, but I never needed it because the piece of luggage has lasted well throughout my travels. The luggage has traveled to dozens of different worldwide locations and has held everything from clothing to paperwork. I definitely recommend lightweight luggage bags to anyone who travels for work or pleasure.

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